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Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention Program

Special Injury Prevention Strategies:

  • Jumper’s Knee Project
  • ACL Injury Prevention Program
  • Hockey Triad
  • Soccer Groin


Sport Specialty Programs

Hockey Athletic Development
Basketball Athletic Development
Volleyball Athletic Development
Alpine Athletic Development
Soccer Athletic Development
Baseball Athletic Development




Sports Injury Clinic


Sport Science and Elite Athletic Development

FITS Toronto has a team of experts with extensive experience working with athletes from multiple sports. We’ve worked with professional and Olympic athletes to grass-root athletes and everything in between – check out our athletes. Our programs are athlete-centered and aim to build better athletes that are injury proof. Our programs run year round and are based on the Long Term Athletic Development Model – so we can accommodate your athletic development and sport medicine needs.

The greatest strength of our program lies in the integration of our services. We take great passion in our dedication to provide comprehensive athlete development that encompasses:

  • Advanced Movement Assessment to detect injury risk and to determine methods to enhance performance
  • Movement Development that is based on our proprietary Movement Development System
  • Myofascial Rest and Recovery Techniques and treatment via Athlete RESTORE
  • Injury Management via our full service Sports Medicine Facility
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Full Spectrum training to enhance speed and power
  • State of the Art Equipment and Testing Equipment

We have programs starting at 9 years to the Pros

  • Young Developing Athletes Aged 9 – 13
  • Club and High School Athletes
  • Provincial Level Athletes
  • National Team Athletes
  • Professional Athletes and Olympians

All Athletes Need

It doesn't matter if you play basketball, football, alpine ski racing, track and field, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, or any other sport for that matter. All athletes first need to develop their athleticism and build their physical literacy. Research has shown that movement diversity is a common pathway for all Olympians and World Champions. Likewise, greater movement diversity has been shown to reduce injuries and allow for sport transfer - which is the ability to switch sports. Therefore at FITS we've eliminated all our sport-specific programs. Instead we've developed a system that sequentially builds build better athletes. This approach is consistent with the long term athletic development model and it is unlike any other program.

Sport Specialty Programs:


Hockey Athletic Development


Basketball Athletic Development


Volleyball Athletic Development


Alpine Athletic Development


Soccer Athletic Development


Weekend Warriors (Adult AD)

Checkout the athletes and the sport organizations that have used FITS

What’s the Process?

The first step is to be tested with our proprietary Injury Proof Screen and Performance Profile, in which the athlete is taken through a complete medical physical, a battery of physical performance tests, and a functional movement screen. A report will be developed that the athlete can take home. Results will be compared to normative data that is age and sport specific. When necessary, more advanced testing procedures may be required. These will be conducted in-house or the appropriate referral will be made to another professional. Based on the results, we’ll determine the most appropriate training group and we’ll make recommendations based on your test results, your aspirations, current strengths, weaknesses and risk of injury. Recommendations will pertain to:

  • frequency of training
  • type of training
  • homework
  • additional testing if necessary

To make an appointment call or email us:

FITS TORONTO E: T: 416.628.4333

By analyzing the results from the Injury Proof Screen and Performance Profile, we develop a customized periodized program that will improve your sport performance while helping you prevent injuries. Specific outcome measures and a timeline to achieve your specific goals are developed and explained. When appropriate, your coach and primary health care practitioner will receive your Performance Profile report and the copy of the program.

Now it’s time to train. Our athletic development team are prepared to guide you through every aspect of training. Emphasizing technique, and through a combination of Foundation Training and Performance Lifting through FULL SPECTRUM loading, we’re confident you’ll achieve your goals. To add to the process, we have a dedicated staff of health care professionals specializing in sport medicine to help you with injuries, regeneration, recovery, and nutrition.

Track and analyze. We have developed proprietary methods to monitor and track your performance. We’ll analyze and evaluate the effectiveness with which you are adapting to your program, which will help us refine it and reduce over-training and injuries, enabling consistent improvement.


“I am writing this note of unequivocal support for FITS, its founder and owner, Dr. Thomas Lam, and all the supportive staff who have demonstrated throughout the years a level of unparalleled competency and professionalism…. I have seen my own daughter, Melissa Humana-Paredes, increase her vertical jump from 22 inches to a spectacular 29.3 inches in a couple of years… As a former Olympic and varsity coach I have come to fully appreciate Dr. Lam’s scientific approach to his work.”

Prof. Hernan Humana, Olympic Coach of Bronze Medalist John Child and Mark Heese, School of Kinesiology and Health Science York University

“As a professional beach volleyball player for team Canada I chose to work with FITS in 2011 to help prepare me for my 2012 Olympic Campaign. Right away Thomas and Cory were able to challenge me and design a functional program, tailored to my needs as a beach volleyball player. Thomas and Cory are extremely knowledge, professional, and attentive; they provide lots of one on one coaching, as well as long distance support when I am away for training camps and competitions. For the past two years they have created and adapted periodized strength and conditioning plans based on my competition and training schedule, goals, strength/weaknesses, and injuries. Working with Thomas and Cory has helped me feel the strongest I ever have been in my career. Would highly recommend for any elite athlete!”

Heather Bansley, Professional Beach Volleyball Player FIVB

“As a professional athlete I have never met a more attentive team as the FITS team. They have not only helped me recover through serious injury but they have also helped me make huge gains in the gym and on the court. My workouts are sport specific and are tailored for my body type, either at home in Toronto or on the road. I would recommend FITS to any athlete looking to improve their game.”

Liz Maloney, Professional Beach Volleyball Player FIVB