Train to Compete | Males 16 – 23; Females = 15-21
Athletes at this stage are highly competitive and are training year round. Their programs are periodized to their individual needs, with increasing volume and intensity. More advanced lifting and conditioning techniques are used that are built on a solid foundation of basic movement qualities.

Key Development Goals from Canadian Sport For Life:

  • Provide year-round, high intensity, individual event, and position-specific training.
  • Teach athletes, who are now proficient at performing basic and sport specific skills, to perform those skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training.
  • Place special emphasis on optimum preparation by ‘modelling’ high competitions in training.
  • Individually tailor to a greater degree fitness programs, recovery programs, psychological preparation, and technical development. Emphasize individual preparation that addresses each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Select 1 sport.
  • Utilize single, double, and triple periodization as the optimal framework of preparation.
  • Change the training-to-competition and competition-specific training ratio to 40:60. Devote 40 per cent of available time to the development of technical and tactical skills and improving fitness and 60 per cent of training to competition and competition-specific training.