The High Performance Basketball Athletic Development has been designed for the serious male or female athlete looking to fulfill their absolute potential. It is an invitation-only program and you’ve been selected. Housed in an 8,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility you will develop world class athleticism. We can say this because we’ve consistently developed world class athleticism, through cutting-edge biomechanical analysis involving video and kinetic analysis and a systematic approach to developing athleticism that is designed over years – short-cuts don’t work. Key qualities we address include: body composition, reactiveness, power and strength, change in direction abilities, nutrition, rest and recovery strategies, mobility and stability, and the development of the growth mindset.

Imagine adding at least 12 inches to your vertical and world class power and explosiveness. Each of us have these abilities, science is the key to unlocking your athleticism – hence the High Performance Basketball Athletic Development Program.

Our program is not templated, where each athlete does the same thing. Instead, our programs are designed according to expert analysis of key athletic qualities and performance factors specific to basketball. No stone has been left unturned in the creation of each athlete’s program. Athletes will receive expert resources and guidance on nutrition, supplementation, rest and recovery techniques and strategies to enhance performance.

Note an injury or more importantly the failure to identify a non-painful movement dysfunction can derail any athlete. We don’t take that chance. We prevent injuries and we have a sports medicine clinic onsite that will address any pre-existing injury or developing problem on the spot.

If you are serious about your athletic development and you wish to develop world class athleticism and the mindset to become a champion look no further. Join the revolution and develop world class athleticism – today.


Key Features of the program:

  • FITS METRICSTM Advanced biomechanical testing and monitoring – check out or equipment list
  • Movement Development System to Become INJURY PROOF TM. Injury Prevention strategies for Jumper Knee’s, Patello-Femoral Pain, ACL Prevention, Knee and Low Back Problems
  • System Stability TM – Complete “CORE” Development
  • FIGHT SCHOOLTM – Developing your vertical power and explosiveness
  • Explosive First Step Development TM
  • Athlete RESTORE TM
  • Integrated Sport Science Services
  • Work Capacity Development
  • Strength and Power Development
  • Expert Instruction in a State of the art facility
  • Onsite Sports Medicine Clinic

Dates, Times and Cost for the High Performance Basketball Athletic Development Program

Development PHASE: High Performance Basketball Athletic Development Program

Date: As soon as you’re ready. We have athletes already enrolled

Times: * Call to schedule your sessions we’re flexible to accommodate your needs.


Spring and Summer Intense PHASE: High Performance Basketball Athletic Development Program

Date: Choose 4 days as soon as you’re ready.

Session A: M, T, R, F 10:00am – 11:30pm

Session B: M, T, R, F 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Session C: M,T,R,F 2:30 – 4:00pm

Session D: M,T,R,F 7:30 – 9:00pm


Costs: $30 – $35 per session depending on times per week (fees may be coverable under your extended health care) * call to learn more

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