The Speed Paradox

With World Championships here we getour annual taste of ‘World’s Fastest Humans’. As an athletic development coach Track and Field provides the best views […]

Where Do We Need To Be: How Does Athletic Development Really Effect Sports Performance?

This is a post by coach Glen Owen…

I am blessed to work with a team of athletic development coaches and clinical practioners who understand that […]

As a FITS Athlete, This is My Promise

When it comes to athletic development and the dream of achieving success at the highest levels of sport, there are many people who become invested […]

MARVIN CHUN – Vision Training and Athletic Performance BSMPG Review


“The brain controls all aspects of performance”

The brain “constructs” your visual experience

You see less than you think you do

Youtube: (dancing bear)
We miss a lot of […]

Marco Cardinale “Strength and Conditioning in the Real World: From Science to Application” – BSMPG Notes


Marco Cardinale was a huge reason to attend BSMPG conference. His presentation was an amazing journey that highlights his amazing experiences and knowledge as the […]