Eccentric Strength, Overspeed Training, and Athletic Development

Review of Research;

Cook (2013) Three Weeks of Eccentric Training Combined with Overspeed Exercises Enhances Power and Running Speed Performance Gains in Trained Athletes. Journal of […]

Stuart McGill “Why everyone needs core training” – BSMPG

Stuart McGill is a legend. His contribution has shaped many professionals around the globe from the fields of strength and conditioning, therapy, MSK pain and […]

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Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group presentation reviews 2013

Art Horne and his colleges put on another amazing BSMPG conference held at North Eastern. If you haven’t been to a BSMPG conference you’re missing […]

The Combine Is A Trap!


As someone who is in the performance enhancement industry (for sport that is…), combine season is kind of exciting. It’s like the little brother of […]

What if you can’t squat

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