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Olympic Weightlifting

12 Olympic Weightlifting Platforms | 9 x Monitor Technique & Force Feedback System | Olympic Weighting Bars & Pendlay Bumper Plates

Strength & Conditioning

12 Squat Racks + Bar Velocity & Motion Tracking System | 7 Power Block Dumbbell Sets up to 125lbs | Chains & Bands | 3 Trap Deadlift Bars | Various Pull-up Bars | Cybex Cable Machine with 4 Hi/Lo Pulleys | 2 Vertimax Explosive Movement Platforms | 2 Versa Pulley Multi-directional Cable Units | Slosh Pipe and Various Strongman Implements | Kettlebells (5-106lbs) | 20 x Suspension Trainers (TRX)

Human Performance Lab

Dual Force Plates | ACES Multi-Functional | Forcedecks | Sunnto Heart Rate Telemetry System with 40 Heart Rate Monitors | 2 x Imada ZTA1100 Force Dynanometers

Running and Physiology Lab

2 Cybex Running Treadmills with Video Motion Feedback & Capture | Stride & Motion Capture

Athlete Restore and Recovery

Foam Rollers & Various Mobility Tools | Private Therapy Rooms | JOGA Classes for Recovery and Regeneration

Sports Medicine Clinic

4 Cybex Eagle Selectorized Machines | MVP Shuttle | Integration with Human Performance Lab for Return to Play Metrics & Injury Prevention Strategies | Integration with Strength & Conditioning Equipment

Acceleration and Plyometrics

FIT LIGHT Reaction Based Training System | Exclusive 3 Lane 20 Rep Stair Case | 3 Lane x 30m Mondo Track | Speed & Agility Equipment | Acceleration

Advanced Athlete Monitoring System

Data from Human Performance Lab & additional bio-sensors are analyzed to create dashboards indicating training readiness, neuromuscular fatigue and injury risk fasctors

Team Training

Downsview Park Track & Field

The Sports Mecca of Canada

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