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The Numbers of Athleticism and Injury Prevention

Know where you are today so you can build towards your dreams. FITS Metrics is unlike any professional combine. Not only will you learn how high you can jump, your speed and your conditioning, you’ll learn how you move, and how you produce and use force – a process that reveals your “Movement Signature”. But we don’t stop there. Our analytics direct actions to make you faster, stronger, and most importantly healthier. That’s the difference between what we do and every professional combine and screening process in the world.

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All athletes can benefit from this approach. Because the basis of all sport is athleticism and the basis of athleticism is motor control. That being said we have specific testing protocols to address common injury risk and performance requirements for hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and figure skating.

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Utilizing advanced video motion capture and biomechanical analysis we evaluate motor control and how an athlete produces and utilizes forces for the purposes of injury prevention, to identify the causes of symptoms, and to enhance performance.


Posture and Mobility

Basic postural habits and mobility are essential for motor control. Without pre-requisite levels of mobility we compromise system stability.


Foundation Movement Control

We evaluate basic movements to see determine an athlete’s physical literacy – how they squat, control a single leg stance, balance, push, pull, and control their bodies in space.


Power Profile

Based on a battery of tests we understand how the athlete produces and coordinates power. This profile is essential to formulate any training program.



How does an athlete control and utilizes force and momentum? This reactive quality is essential for all sport performance that is rarely evaluated, but is the #1 differentiator of elite performance.


Acceleration and Agility

Does the athlete produce sufficient force to accelerate and change direction? What technique do they use? How do they control their bodies?


Energy System Development

We evaluate how an athlete responds to fatigue. Can they control their bodies? Do they have sufficient energy system development to compete in their sport?

Understand the numbers of Athleticism and Injury Prevention

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The Movement Signature

We challenge an athlete in the form of load, velocity, fatigue and complexity to see how they control their bodies and how they respond and develop force to understand their Movement Signature. This is metric is key to how we prevent injuries, manage existing injuries and improve performance. Results will be used to build a plan that will help you reduce injury risk and become faster, stronger, more explosive and more athletic.

Key Features of “The Movement Signature”

  • Even the most basic evaluation has over 2000 data-points that involve analyzing posture, key joint mobility, motor control and our proprietary performance profile
  • Advanced testing equipment to bring you the most accurate and reliable measurements
  • FITS advanced secure FITS METRIC database with over 50,000 athletes
  • Highly informative reports that clearly explain injury risk and performance grade compared with athletes from all ages and across a range of sports and competition levels
  • Early Injury Detection and testing metrics that are incorporation into our Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Based on the results we formulate a plan to address your injury risk factors while helping you improve your athletic performance.
  • Aid in Return to Play Guidelines. If an athlete becomes injured and is in our database we can evaluate the impact of their injury on various athletic qualities thus helping us determine an appropriate quantified metric for Return to Play.
  • Monitoring and Training evaluation
  • Research
  • Early Injury Detection and testing metrics that are incorporation into our Sports Medicine Clinic