The Hockey Triad Presentation

The most common injury complex in hockey is low back, groin and hip pain – which we call the Hockey Triad. The Hockey Triad is responsible for many players unrealized potential – which robs them of their speed, power and athleticism. The most common cause for these problems is poor motor control of their lumbo-pelvis and hip. With ideal control their lumbo-pelvis and hip, they may be able to PREVENT the dreaded Hockey Triad, which may also dramatically improve performance – that means more speed, a harder slap shot, and improved agility.

Downloadable Resources


Hockey Triad Infographic

All the major points of the Hockey Triad Injury Prevention Presentation presented in a simple to understand infographic, complete with our Injury Prevention Program Standards.


The Hockey Triad Warning System

The system was developed to help parents, coaches and athletes understand what to do with their screen results – you must do the screen to use this tool.


Poster of the Hockey Triad Injury Prevention System

For organizations or teams that want to promote the Hockey Triad Injury Prevention System use this poster and THANKS!


Video: “How to use the FITS Hockey Triad Injury Prevention Program”

To be a part of the Hockey Triad Injury Prevention Program, you will first need to schedule an Initial Hip Screen. This can be done as an individual or with an entire team. Call our front desk at 416-628-4333. With testing, you will receive a Hip Score that assesses movement, Hip Grind and Range of Motion, and prior injury. Afterwards, you will receive a personal TeamBuildr account, with the Hockey Triad Injury Prevention Program.

1. Search your email (junk folder included) and look for an email from Team Buildr. This email will give you direct access to the site – look for an orange button that says “Get Started”
2. Once you’ve activated you’ll be able to see the program
3. Look for Week 1: Day 1a on the calendar. This will be the first workout to complete. Follow the rest of the workouts in order.

Video to register

Simply send an email to with the email that you would prefer to be set up with. We will send you another account and delete your old one.
Yes! It is available in both the App Store for iOS devices, as well as the Google Play store for Android devices.
If you are not sure about an exercise, TeamBuildr has two options to help users understand what to do. First, tap the exercise that you need more information on. When the exercise opens, there will be icons on the top right corner. For written instructions, tap the blue circle with an “i”, and for a video tutorial, tap the red circle with a camera.

The great aspect about the HTIPP is that it can be done at home with inexpensive equipment. The program only asks for:
– a mini-resistance band (approx. $3)
– kettlebell or dumbbell, about 15 lbs ($15)
– weighted plate 5-10 lbs ($10)
– dowel or old broomstick/ hockey stick ($5)

The program has been scheduled to have workouts 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. However, there are times where a player cannot complete their daily workout. They can simply go back to the day that they missed and complete it.

Dr. St. Onge performing the “Hip Grind” Test


Dr. Lam evaluated single leg motor control


Example Hockey Triad Report


Athletes waiting for their turn to be screened