Physiotherapy and Chiropractic has evolved

We’re the trusted physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists of many of Canada’s best athletes in basketball, alpine ski racing, hockey, volleyball, soccer, tennis, wrestling and figure skating to name a few. This is because we have an integrated model – combining an understanding of injuries, injury prevention, sport performance, injury management and athletic development.

We don’t simply treat the site of pain. We correct the cause of symptoms. In many cases the cause is poor movement control. How you move or your motor control determines the loads that are placed on specific areas of the body – where symptoms occur. Move well and your pain disappears. Continue to move poorly and the problem will persist.

Identify the cause of the injury.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic have evolved.

This leads to an important question. When did the injury occur? Learn about the painless pathology.

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Find the Cause – Evaluate Motor Control

Our trained team of physiotherapists and chiropractors evaluate motor control by challenging the athlete during sport specific movements – such as jumping, skating, running, throwing, and changing direction. We’re examining how the body controls itself during those challenges and how the symptoms present. To help us see things that our eyes can’t we use technology to capture motion, force, and loads that are placed on the body – click here to learn more.

When these metrics are combined with cutting edge research in the fields sports medicine, injury pathogenesis, rehab, and orthopaedics we understand how the injury occurred. More importantly we can build a plan to not only return the athlete to their sport, but also to prevent future injuries.


Symptom Relief and Sport Specific Motor Control

The first step is to reduce symptoms and as quickly as possible begin sport specific motor control training. To help reduce pain we integrate therapeutic modalities to expedite healing, enhance movement and to decrease pain. Therapeutic modalities are listed to the right. Now the most important modality we use is exercise, which begin day one in most cases.

We don’t like rest. Our therapy aims to keep the athlete practicing and competing as much as possible in accordance to their control and symptoms.

It’s critical to appreciate that specific motor control is necessary otherwise the injury is likely to return. In many cases the athlete did not possess ideal motor control prior to the injury, so that will need to be developed. Likewise it is insufficient to merely return the athlete back to their pre-injury status. Athletes must have motor control beyond the forces incurred in their sport. Otherwise they’ll never be able to reach their full potential. This means they must train like an athlete. They must be exposed to the forces, loads, speed and challenges that are common in their sport. Basic rehab exercises are not enough.

The athlete must rehab like an athlete.

FITS doesn’t look like your typical clinic. We’ve integrated a biomechanical lab, advanced video motion feedback, a sports injury clinic, a 4,000 sq. ft of training / rehab space, inside of Downsview Park with over 500,000 sq. ft. and 100,000 hectares of indoor and outdoor sport facilities respectively – click here to learn more about our facilities.

Therapeutic modalities we integrate for symptom relief, inflammation control, movement enhancement, and to speed healing.

Experience working with Athletes and Specific Injury Protocols

At FITS we understand what it means to be an athlete. We understand how much they practice, how they should eat, and what it takes to get to an elite level. We treat their injuries, prevent their injuries and we directly enhance their sport performance by making them stronger, faster and more explosive. As a result we have a long term athletic development approach in everything we do. We also understand the common injuries that occur with specific sports. That’s why we’ve teamed up with leading researchers and health care providers to create specific injury management strategies that we commonly see.

These protocols are customized for the individual based on their sport, competition level, sport exposure, and physiological development.

The integration of injury prevention, injury management, and athletic development is our strongest differentiator. We understand what it means to be an athlete.

Our goal is to Build Better Athletes.

Therapy programs directed at not just symptoms but injury prevention and performance. “Sport Injuries CAN BE Prevented.


Jumper’s Knee Program

Knee pain from jumping is related to the loads placed on the tendon. Ideal management relies understanding exposure and improving knee control.


The Hockey Triad

Do you want to skate faster, have a harder slap shot, and improve hip and low back pain? Establishing proper hip mobility, single leg strength and motor control is the answer. Resolve groin pain, hip pain, and low back pain.


The Soccer Hip

Kicking, sprinting and changing directions place tremendous loads on the muscles, tendons and bones that make up the hip. Soccer injuries don’t need to be so common.


ACL Injury Prevention and Rehab Protocol.

Most ACL injuries are directly related to poor knee control immediately when landing or a change in direction. This program focuses on developing qualities known to prevent ACL ruptures.


Rotator Cuff for the Overhead Athlete.

This innovative program not only examines the shoulder but the entire body to properly decelerate the arm during overhead activities. This means faster improvement and improved performance.


Athletic Low Back

Low back pain effects many athletes. By understanding how you move at the hip and low back during basic movements and sport specific movements will the source of low back pain. Move as designed and resolve your symptoms.

Why our Therapy Sessions are different

  • We care
  • We understand the demands of high level sport and the athlete mindset.
  • We are the trusted health care professionals of many of Canada’s best athletes.
  • Excellent results. Constant professional development.
  • Focused on motor control.
  • Experience working with Athletes at all levels. Don’t be shy. We can help.
  • Integrated therapy and team work.
  • We have a long term athletic development focus.
  • We understand how injuries occur, how to treat them, and how to prevent them.
  • State of the art strength and conditioning facility – click here to learn more
  • Industry leading medical correspondence with coaches, and health-care professionals.
  • Leading return to sport and injury prevention strategies.
  • Advanced biomechanical analysis to identify and monitor motor control.
  • We work with a large global network of health care professionals and researchers.
  • We integrate biochemical support, and healing techniques to speed recovery.

How we FIX your Injuries: THE PROCESS

1. HISTORY AND GOAL SETTING: We take a complete medical history and listen to your goals.

2. ANALYSIS: Using cutting edge video motion capture and 5 Site Integrity we analyze your posture and how you move and produce forces during low load, high load and sport specific movements.

3. HANDS ON-EXAMINATION: We perform a focused orthopaedic evaluation and manual muscle testing of identified areas.

4. REPORT: We provide a report explaining our findings and we develop a plan to correct identified movement dysfunctions through posture, mobility, movement, strength, power, reactive abilities and work capacity.

5. TREATMENT with TRAINING: Factoring in your lifestyle and your goals we combine therapies with clinical conditioning to develop proper movement patterns and to correct postural habits.

Integrative Approach. By combining healthcare services and clinical conditioning we make you move correctly; reducing the reoccurrence of injury and helping you function better at work, during competitions, and play. Developing movement capacities allows you to enjoy the highest quality of life, because if you can’t get there it’s hard to enjoy it.

Why Choose us?

Did you realize that movement dysfunctions cause over 90% of all muscle and joint pain! Yet few clinics assess or aim to develop your movement qualities. Instead passive therapeutic approaches are used, which leads to poor results and a vicious cycle of progressively worsening symptoms and decreased activity. If you want to become active and enjoy life you must develop your movement qualities! This begins by analyzing your movements. We’ve developed a physiotherapy sports injury system using cutting edge video motion analysis that’s been tested with thousands of individuals.
Are you tired of approaches that don’t work, where you feel that you’re just hooked into a machine? Week after week it’s the same thing. You’re willing to do whatever it takes, but you are frustrated by the lack of direction and progression of exercises you’ve been shown. It’s the same exercises over and over again. You deserve better! Experience an integrated approach that combines clinical services with movement development
You deserve a specific plan and a real explanation of how long it will take to get out of pain, how long it will take to correct the problem and methods to prevent it from ever happening again. Doesn’t this sound like a simple request when you are looking for expert help? We’ll take the time to explain to you what is going on and build a plan that is right for you.

Common Conditions we Treat

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hand and Elbow Pain
  • Ankle and Foot Pain