Don’t Just Play – DOMINATE

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Do you dream of dunking? Imagine how great that would feel in addition to eliminating knee pain, developing ankle breaking changes in direction, and improving the game you love. FITS Flight School is built on years of proven results – developing many of Canada’s best basketball athletes (5 NBA Athletes and nearly 100 NCAA Basketball Scholarships). Now you can experience FLIGHT SCHOOL inside the most advanced Sport Science facility in Toronto. This program is geared for the adult player that knows there is more in the tank and wants to train like an athlete. You don’t need to have advanced basketball skills, or lots of training history. But you must want to get better. We’ll develop your explosiveness, help you resolve an pain, and expose you to training modalities we use to build better athletes. Don’t just play – Dominate.

This Program is for you if you:

We have all heard the sayings about practice makes perfect, or perfect practice makes perfect. In sport though, you need to split your skills from your athletic development and give each the appropriate practice time. Otherwise you will never push each hard enough to become a champion!
Contrary to popular belief, jumping ability is not genetic! Every athlete has the ability to develop explosive jump power, and it starts with FLIGHT SCHOOL. We have tried and true methods of adding anywhere from 2-10″ onto your vertical jump!
Weightlifting can be very exciting but also very intimidating. Developing better mobility, posture, strength, and explosiveness are some of the benefits, so allow us to teach you the PROPER ways to complete the lifts and reap the benefits!
There are some monumental differences between training to look and feel better and trying to improve performance in a sport. That means there are some really cool methods that we use to improve athletic performance that may not be seen in your typical commercial gym. Come learn about some of these methods!
Crossfit has taken hold around the world as a very popular training philosophy. While some great things have come out of Crossfit, it can also be very dangerous and intimidating if you aren’t sure how to do the lifts (and now have to them for time). Get confident learning all the key lifts and you will feel comfortable walking into ANY gym!

“FITS Toronto is at the top of my list, when it comes to physiotherapy and strength training. I’ve been to many different physiotherapy and strength training clinics, and none can compare to what FITS provides. The staff at FITS are very knowledgeable, supportive and very helpful. Lori Silver has provided me with an effective exercise plan, along with close supervision to ensure proper technique. The benefits of the service and knowledge provided have not gone unnoticed. I have benefited greatly from FITS, and have nothing but positive things to say about the staff. I would recommend it to all athletes looking to take their training to the next level.”
Richard Duffus, Track and Field / Basketball
“FITS is awesome. Going to a top notch gym that specializes in elite athletes is really motivating, even though I’m just a weekend warrior–great to know that I’m getting the best workout and results possible for the time I put in. The staff is friendly and laid back, but also super driven to achieve great results. I also like how knowledgeable they are and that their methods have a strong foundation in the science behind physical performance (the nerd in me appreciates this).”
Stefan Bars, My Company
“FITS is the best gym I have been to so far. The trainers are very helpful and attentive, and they make sure the workouts work for you. I have improved so much in my sport because of the level of training and dedication that I have received from FITS. The staff is very friendly and I really like that all the workouts are fun! They use many different types of workouts that you wouldn’t do in a “normal” gym. Highly recommended!”
Rosalie Sinanan, My Company
“FITS Toronto is a first class elite performance clinic, and for those of us not competing at an elite level anymore the Weekend Warrior program is phenomenal. World class coaches and instructors teach fundamentals, techniques and injury prevention. Over 10 sessions, I was hitting personal bests on multiple lifts, had learned to properly perform many Olympic lifting techniques and had increased my vertical 2 inches along with a 1/10th of a second drop in my 10 meter split. The program is also a lot of fun, working out with other people like yourself, getting access to training equipment normally reserved for Olympians, seeing performance gains and looking even more fit! “
David Sonne, My Company

Here’s what you’ll LEARN!



Strength is the foundation of all athleticism. Research clearly shows the link between strength, power and explosiveness.



Olympic lifters are known to have the highest verticals amongst all athletes. Use this prevailing method to produce world class power. We incorporate video motion feedback to help you develop technique.



There is no such thing as “THE CORE”. The control of our bodies is based on the integrated control of key areas. Don’t worry we’ll address each and all together.



Learn how to utilize your body’s ability to store and release elastic energy to produce powerful movements. This approach is called Plyometrics. Want to jump higher and be more powerful? Flight school is perfect for you.



Train in the most well-equipped and sophisticated private training facility in Canada. Use the same technology we use with our pros to develop your athleticism.



An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This philosophy underpins our work. We view injuries as a lack of motor control against imposed demands. Develop control beyond the imposed demand of sport and you have Injury Prevention.