Welcome to FITS Toronto a company that Builds Better Athletes through passion, execution and innovation. We consider you an athlete if you have a body and wish to lead an active healthy lifestyle. You demand a high quality of life and are willing to work to achieve this goal.

We believe Exercise is Medicine. We know Sport Injuries CAN BE Prevented

Below is a list of various options to help you experience the FITS difference.



I’m Injured. I have Pain.

Virtually all injuries occur because of movement dysfunctions. Move well and you’ll become INJURY PROOF. Our movement based approach is simple, effective and the best approach to identify and resolve the cause of your injury. Utilize the best in Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Exercise to resolve your injuries.


I want to get FASTER, STRONGER, and improve my Sport Performance

We have produced Olympic medalists, numerous professional, national and provincial level athletes and many athletes who’ve received scholarships. The reason is simple; we build better athletes through innovation, passion and execution.


I’m an Adult. I love sports and I want to get BETTER!

Have you ever wondered if you received the same training as an elite athlete, how good you could become? Have you watched the Olympics and professionals sports and marvelled at how they became so AMAZING? You have a strong passion for the sports you play and you WANT to get better? Playing is not enough.


I love to RUN – or I’m learning :)

FITS Running Program is scientifically proven to reduce injury rates, significantly improve chronic running injuries and improve performance. We’re the only program in Toronto to provide clinical running gait retraining by experts with real time feedback of key running metrics and a program that integrates Running Stability, joint mobility, tissue health, and foot wear advice.

Our Facility

Our company is the melding of biomechanical analysis, a state of the art facility, research and expertise to help you resolve pain, prevent injuries, enhance sport performance and to lead an active healthy life.

We love to share #FITSFAM.

Knowledge is power. We have something for nearly every parent, coach, athlete, professional strength coach and health care professional. Our goal is to share, inspire and help others learn about sport science, injury prevention, performance and how exercise is medicine.

Every 2 weeks we have a Sports Science Magazine. That’s probably the best way to stay connected and learn. We curate information from leading researchers, professionals and sprinkle in some fun articles. We also chat about what’s going with sports in Canada. Sign-up and help us spread the content.

In addition to the Sports Science Magazine, below is a list of various options to connect with FITS Education.

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This is where we share our ideas and thoughts on a range of topics related to sport science, injury management, injury prevention and sport performance. We have over 300 articles to date and we’ve produced some guidelines to share.

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Do you want to know what’s going on with our athletes (#FITSFAM), become inspired, and learn what is new and exciting with FITS TORONTO look here.


This is we where we post all our video education content: exercises; sport science lessons and detailed analysis about various sport topics.


For news and cutting edge information about FITS look here.

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