Virtually all injuries occur because of movement dysfunctions. Move well and you’ll become INJURY PROOF. Our movement based approach is simple, effective and the best approach to identify and resolve the cause of your injury. Utilize the best in Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Exercise to resolve your injuries.Learn More
We have produced Olympic medalists, numerous professional, national and provincial level athletes and many athletes who’ve received scholarships. The reason is simple; we build better athletes through innovation, passion and execution.Learn More
Have you ever wondered if you received the same training as an elite athlete, how good you could become? Have you watched the Olympics and professionals sports and marvelled at how they became so AMAZING? You have a strong passion for the sports you play and you WANT to get better? Playing is not enough.Learn More
FITS Running Program is scientifically proven to reduce injury rates, significantly improve chronic running injuries and improve performance. We’re the only program in Toronto to provide clinical running gait retraining by experts with real time feedback of key running metrics and a program that integrates Running Stability, joint mobility, tissue health, and foot wear advice.Learn More

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This blog post is based on the recent draft pick from the Toronto Raptors – Bruno Caboclo. Good or Bad…time will tell, or are we facing a bigger problem with the NBA?

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“In reality, no amateur draft is more […]

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DETERMINANTS OF VERTICAL JUMP HEIGHT – Do you want to jump higher?

Improving your vertical jump is just a matter of simple addition…make sure you have enough of each of these 7 categories, and you will FLY!

 1 – Motor Coordination and Timing (5)
2 – Reactiveness/Elasticity (4)
3 […]

Getting ready for BSMPG

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I’m excited to be in Boston, once again for the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group Conference. Art Horne and his group out of Northeastern, consistently does a great job hosting the event, putting a star-studded […]

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Hockey Sports Science Presentation

FITS Toronto would like to formally invite you the 1st Annual Hockey Sports Science Presentation on May 3rd at 1:30pm – 2:30pm. This talk is exclusively for hockey coaches and interested parents and takes place at our new location […]

A New Opportunity

After almost 4 years as an athletic development coach at FITS, it is time for me (Cory) to take the next step in my career. I will continue to help athletes reach their Olympic dreams, this time in Montreal!

I […]